is now on Yahoo’s Homepage

CEO Aaron Patzer’s surprising big news is that is now on the Yahoo homepage.  I think everyone was expecting Patzer to mention Intuit’s acquisition of Mint, but it’s probably too soon to comment on it yet.  I used to watch stocks on Yahoo Finance years ago before Google, so now may be a good time to permanently bookmark Yahoo as a tab on Firefox. BTW, you can also see your Facebook friends’ status update stream on your My Yahoo homepage.

Canopy Mobile

Canopy Financial has an iPhone app where you find out local health care costs and manage health saving accounts. Canopy mobile will let you know what are your out of pocket expenses and give information on deductibles.  This is great information to have so that people can decide on the most cost efficient use of their health savings accounts.

On Deck Capital: Small Business Lending

On Deck Capital provides small businesses with loans. Analyzing cash flow, credit and transaction data is how On Deck decides what businesses to can qualify for a loan. The loan application is online and a loan can be approved quickly.  On Deck offers short-term loans and they often to lend to businesses who have a volume of transactions like retailers or restaurants.  On Deck is one of the few companies that presented that is based here in New York City.


Kasasa works with community banks and credit unions to create free checking ans saving accounts for consumers. Kasasa does all the marketing and creative. Kasasa is a product of BancVue/FirstROI. Kasasa Tunes free stuff from iTunes.

The guys from Kasasa had a great presentation even if it was a little corny. Helping the smaller local banks be more profitable should be a good way to stabilize the banks so that there is less worry about the big banks that may be deemed “too big to fail”.

Kasasa was one of the Best In Show winners of Finovate 2009.

POPMoney: Pay Other People

POPMoney  is a new product from CashEdge. You can send money via your online banking to another person via email, mobile number or bank account. For me and anyone else who uses PayPal to pay people or get payment, this sounds great.

I am really excited about POPMoney. It could be a great replacement to using PayPal to pay people.  There are no fees associated with using POPMoney, but there may be fees assessed by the bank. They will have four banks POPMoney and will roll more by the end of 2009.


Kapitall is a web platform for investing. Graphical interface makes it interesting and the display looks very user friendly. one of the founders expressed that he wanted the site to resemble a game. Kapitall is partnering with TD Ameritrade. Beta will open on September 30.


Finovate Morning Sessions

I caught the end of Home Account presentation. They want to be the of home lending.

CEO Amy Butte presented TILE Financial.  Amy was formerly the CFO of the New York Stock Exchange. Tile is a financial dashboard for young people. It looks similar to Donations to charities are featured. The goal is to get young adults develop a financial identity and get into investing.