Pick My Panel: The Broke Diaries

I pitched a panel for 2010 SXSW Interactive, and I need  your vote:
The Broke Diaries: Using Blogs And Twitter To Live Cheaply

The panel’s goal is to show how blogging and tweeting about saving money and living thriftly can inspire others, change spending habits and help people to live better with less.  The questions  Ihope to answer are the following:

  1. How to use twitter and blogs to find free stuff?
  2. How to live cheaply in a big city?
  3. Where to find coupons and discount code online?
  4. How to find free events, open bars, and free food?
  5. How to barter for services?
  6. How to get good stuff at a clothing swap?
  7. How to be both green and cheap?
  8. How to get to go to conferences for free?
  9. Where to find DIY tips to re-use or upcycle things you already own?
  10. How to eat on $20/week?

It is only take a minute to vote, so please do.

New Small Business Financial Software:Indinero

My friend Lee Semel just tweeeted about Indinero and I had to check it out. Indinero looks like a Mint.com for small businesses.

Indinero creates software to help small businesses better track and manage their finances. Indinero aims to provide its users with instant insights into the finances of their companies, leading them to save on unnecessary expenses and to earn more money for their companies.

Plans start at $12/month which is very reasonable.  Has anyone started using it?  I will set up an account and let you know how I like it. Full report TK.

Take 5: Saver’s Blog,Dollar Store Finds, Compare Banks

ING Direct has a new blog, We The Savers, that give money saving tips.

The Budget Fashionista suggests what to buy at a dollar store.  Party stuff is always a good bet.

Brooklyn based startup, My Bank Tracker, is a new site that compiles and compares the best savings, checking and CD rates  for most banks.

Outright is facilitating new entrepreneurs by partnering with Network Solutions with the website, Unintentional Entrepreneur.  There are also offline events as well and the next one is August 5 in  theDC/VA/MD area.

Lauren from Lifestyler Mag interviewed the founders of Thrive.  Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.