Read This: Invisible Capital By Chris Rabb


I have often asked myself this question “How did they get the funding for their business?” especially when hearing about start-up businesses that have been around less than a year or two and have no discernible revenue model.  Since I have work to do and have no time to “keep up with the Jones”,  I just let it go but the question remains. It just seems like a good idea and hard work are not enough. That’s why I am so excited to read Chris Rabb’s new book, Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity. In his book, Rabb puts forth concrete and effective ways entrepreneurs and their advocates can build and grow sustainable enterprises amid these unseen forces created by society’s uneven playing field.  It comes out in November, but you can pre-order it now.

Full Disclosure: Chris Rabb is my cousin-in-law, and  I am proud!

You Can Do It: Escape From Corporate America

Escape From Corporate America

At BlogHer Business, I finally met Pamela Skillings who is a fellow blogger and member of Ladies Who Launch. She has blogging and consulting about how people can leave their jobs and become entrepreneurs. Las night I attended the book party at the Soho House for her book, Escape From Corporate America. It was fun! Pamela wrote a great piece last Sunday in the New York Times which tell her experience about her decision to leave corporate america. Below is a clip.

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Once I did the math and saw my finances in black and white, however, I realized that the budget cuts wouldn’t be nearly as painful as I’d feared. I was more than willing to cut back on indulgences like foamy lattes, shiny highlights and overpriced designer handbags for a while if it meant that I could escape from corporate America and strike out on my own. Suddenly, my impossible dream seemed within reach.

The last step in letting go of my financial fears was facing the fact that my salary had never truly been a reliable safety net after all. Over the years, I’d seen some of my most qualified and highly paid co-workers learn the hard way that the big money and the fancy title can disappear in a flash. On the other hand, no one can ever take away your talents, your experience and your skills — the assets that constitute the only safety net you can ever really depend upon.

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