Personal Finance Newsletter Recommendation

For personal finance tips and ways to save money, I highly recommend subscribing to Clark Howard’s free daily newsletter. I grew up in Atlanta watching Clark Howard on the local news. He has a radio show/podcast, though I prefer reading the newsletter so that I can immediately act on his advice.

Check out the guide on Coronavirus and Your Money.

Spend Less Than You Make

The Motley Fool share four personal finance tips for people that are critical as we make it through this pandemic. These tips are probably what you have heard before, but it bears repeating especially during the pandemic.

Does your spending increase every time your income does? This is called lifestyle inflation, and it undermines your ability to meet your financial goals. Think back to when you first entered the workforce. You probably lived very simply in those first few years. But then, your income rose and you upgraded your living situation, bought a better car, and frequented nicer restaurants. Read the rest of the tips.