Keep Them Separated: Business From Personal Finance

There’s a great article on YourStory titled, Four accounting mistakes small business owners need to avoid. These are the top four.

1. Not separating personal and business finances
2. Not keeping receipts
3. Not recording payments
4. Not chasing payments


Small Business Retailers: Ready, Set, Sell

It’s go time. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are coming. Here are some tips to help small business retailers this week.

Five Foursquare Tactics To Attract Customers
How To Work Holiday Craft Shows and  Artisan Flea Markets Without Going Nuts
Are you an Etsy seller?  Etsy just launched an iPhone app to track sales
Small Business Saturday is November 26. Tell your customers!

Race Out Of Debt With Smarty Pig

Smarty Pig going to help one lucky contestant “Race Out of Debt” with a cash prize of $4,951 to put toward his or her credit card bills, holiday gifts, a much-needed vacation or whatever they choose! The process is simple, the reward large, and both new and existing customers are eligible. The contest officially began September 14, 2010, at 10 AM CT and will remain open until September 27, 2010, at 10 AM CT.

On Monday, September 27, 2010, SmartyPig will randomly choose eight finalists. Each finalist will be assigned to a pig on the SmartyPig Farm. These pigs will then race to determine which lucky contestant wins the grand prize. On Tuesday, September 28, 2010, we will post the video of the SmartyPig race and officially announce the “Race Out of Debt” winner!

For more details, read the full post on Smarty Pig’s site.

Intuit’s Second Annual Entrepreneur Day is August 16

Intuit is hosting its second annual Entrepreneur Day on August 16 at their headquarters in Mountain View, California. The deadline for submission is Friday July 16.  Last year, Intuit organized the first Entrepreneur Day where 40 companies met with senior business leaders and propose how they could collaborate with Intuit to develop new products and services.  On August 16th, Intuit co-founder Scott Cook will kick off the day by sharing reflections from his experience as an entrepreneur and open up the discussion to participants. Intuit leaders will give a first-hand introduction to Intuit’s overall strategy as well as strategies specific to business units. Companies at the event will participate in “speed-dating” sessions during which they will pitch their idea to Intuit business unit leaders. Finally, the day ends with a social hour where invited companies and Intuit innovators get to showcase their innovations while enjoying food and drink.

Summer Tips For Small Business Owners

As we move into summer and vacations are coming up, small business owners should be able leave town without worry. Here’s a few tips.

Have your business a click away: Although you will be on vacation and your books will be in order before you go, you may still want access to critical business info from the road. Try an online offering such as QuickBooks Online or Freshbooks.

Check in before checking out: Make sure you tell the necessary folks you will be away. Update your email and voicemail to note you’re out of office and be sure to provide a contact person so customers and vendors don’t feel stranded. Also, consider partnering with another trusted small business owner with a complementary business who can watch your business while you’re out and you can return the favor when you return.

Keep your employees happy: Your employees depend on you and depend on getting a regular paycheck, so if payroll is scheduled to take place while you are away, make sure it’s automated or someone can run it for you. Consider online payroll  and schedule payments online and don’t look back.

 Plan payments before packing: Before packing your bags, make sure you’ve scheduled all payments and invoices in advance. One missed payment to a vendor or bank could set you back and hurt your credit, and delayed invoicing disrupts cash flow. Try auto-bill pay with your bank and scheduled invoicing with services like Intuit Billing Manager or Blinksale.

Intuit Town Hall Today At NASDAQ

Today I am at the Intuit Town Hall.  I will be tweeting about it at niche, and Intuit Town Hall is tweeting as well. you can  follow the hashtag “#intuitth. You can also register the livestream.

This morning is a small business panel. The afternoon sessions will be about Kids and Monday and the last session will be about Personal Finance. Aaron Patzer will be moderating an afternoon session.