Web 2 Point Dough: MooCards, DropCard, and Press

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Moo has business cards! I ordered a few, and I have gotten loads of compliments on the cards. The paper stock is excellent as well.  You can order 50 cards for $21.99 or 200 cards for $69.99.  They are a little pricey, but so cool.

Want to share information, but don’t have a business card on hand? Sign up for Dropcard. It enables you share contact information via SMS on your mobile phone. (via Lifehacker)

I was quoted in a CBS2 news segment about living green.

Online Invoicing Options: Harvest, Blinksale, Curdbee

Wow, you can learn a lot by casually reading your friend’s tweets.  Today I heard about Harvest, an online time tracking and invoicing application.  Many self-employed/freelancers are looking for a simple solution to do invoicing and keep up with their accounts receivable. Harvest has some cool bells and whistles like recurring invoices, expense tracking and can export time sheet data into Quickbooks. The individual pricing  for Harvest at $12 is comparable to Blinksale which is what I use, but there’s a limit of only 30 active clients and 20 active projects.  If you have lots of small jobs/clients, then you may have move up to the next level which is $40/month. For Blinksale, there is unlimited clients and you can have payment linked to your PayPal account. There’s another simple invoicing web application Curdbee which is absolutely free. Curdbee allows you to accept payments via Paypal and Google Checkout. Plus it also accepts other currencies. I suggest you do a little research and select the best one for your invoicing needs.  Any of these is better than a word document since the faster you invoice, means the faster you will get paid.

LikeMinds Have Big Ideas

Thanks to Noah and Piers being out of the country, I was asked to co-host this morning’s LikeMind here in NYC. LikeMind is a monthly coffee gathering where a mix of creatives, marketing, bloggers, start-up founders and freelancers and anyone else who is social in the early morning come and meet.  We had a fun group which included Luke from Technorati, Adam from Help I Need Help, James, Peter, Shayna, Adam, BrianVan, Daniele from LeftLoft, and the whole team from Raisanen Creative.  Discussions ranged from live music, twittering, headaches, art parades, design, cupcakes and branding.

The next LikeMind will the third Thursday in October (October 17) and it is held in over thirty cities all over the world.  Hope to see you at the next one!

Corefino: Virtual Accounting That Fills The Gap

Corefino is the kind of company I would work for if I ever went back to corporate accounting. That is saying a lot, since I hated working at accounting firms.  A few weeks ago, I talked to Karen Northup CEO/Founder to Corefino. Most accounting firms have employees that are overworked. Accountants often don’t also have the flexibility to work from home. Many small to medium need accounting but the big accounting firms are too expensive or don’t fit the needs of a start-up or small business. Karen started Corefino as a solution for businesses and accounting professionals. Corefino’s staff is currently 74% female and 26% male employees.  Employees both male and female appreciates the company’s quality of life initiative because of the flexibility of work schedules and the ability to work from home. Corefino handles the full spectrum of accounting from accounts payable to sales audit to quarterly filings. They have also leveraged their technology to handle cash transactions.  They also provide clients with a dashboard report of profit/loss and cash management.  Talking to Karen gave me a sense that accounting can move out of the olden days and be Web 2.0 ready. That’s a cool thing.

Zecco Lets You Make Free Stock Trades

Wow! Is this too good to be true? California-based investment firm Zecco lets you make 10 free month stocks a trades a month as long your maintain a $2500 balance. There’s also a social network component, ZeccoShare so you connect online with investors. I think Zecco would be good for newbie investors and investing groups.

clipped from www.springwise.com
Zecco is an online financial portal and community through which investors can make 10 free stock trades every month when they maintain an asset balance of just USD 2,500. The cost otherwise is only USD 4.50 per trade, and there is no minimum balance required to open or maintain an account. Further enriching the experience for users, meanwhile, is ZeccoShare, a social network for investors that Zecco launched last fall. Members of ZeccoShare can create profiles, contribute to blogs and forums and join investing groups. They can also share their portfolios (minus the dollar amounts), their trades and their performance for discussion with other members. Portfolio data, holdings and trade information are aggregated across all ZeccoShare member profiles, allowing members to scan listings of most-held and most-traded stocks, create specific groups of like-minded investors (such as “socially responsible investing” or “women on investing”) and more.

This Week is National Payroll Week

When a publicist emailed me about National Payroll Week, I first thought that this is not applicable to my readers, but then I know some entrepreneurs still have day jobs, or they have employees.

For employees, you may want to re-allocate your deductions on your paycheck to create a flexible spending plan that works for your health insurance, commuter or dependent childcare needs.

For employers/entrepreneurs, if you have people performing work for you but they are really employees rather than “independent contractors”, then set them up properly to avoid penalties.  Some of my clients have raved about PayChex for outsourced payroll  which is good for very small businesses.  You can also check to see if you bank provides a payroll service.  I know that one of my clients uses Bank of America’s payroll service, so if you already bank with them, then that may be an option.  Find the best solution for your business, and budget to spend no more than $60/month on payroll services if you have less than five employees.