Keep More Nickels In 2007

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Review your cell phone plan for optimal use.

Consider a plan combining your Internet service, cable and phone.

I f you have ample office space, then consider subletting to another small business owner.

But office supplies in bulk (if you have to room to store them).

Clone events. This means when you have a business meeting and social obligation, see if you can combine the two and write off the expense. (Hat Tip to Keith Ferrazzi)

Work your network. Before making big purchases on laptops, PDAs, digicams, ask around. some you know may want to sell electronics they have if they recently upgraded to a nerwer version..

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Supermogul Launches

Supermogul launched this week! A blog about C-level executives may not immediately appeal to small business owners, but I think it is worth checking out to see what the “big boys” are doing and/or thinking.

CEOs predict the economy will grow slow and steady in the first half of 2007.

Patently Ridiculous: an article about the patent office, IP and true innovation.

Massage, Not Good

I read this item in the New York Post about staffers at Christies’ not getting for work this month, and I am surprised. In the current climate of Sarbanes-Oxley, not paying payroll is a way to “massage earnings”.  That is not good accounting and it is not good business.

Keep it simple, b!tches!

Pay expenses in the period they were incurred.

Record revenue in the period it was earned.

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