Finovate Pre-Conference Cocktail Party

Tonight I mixed and mingled with many of the attendees and presenters of Finovate 2009. Finovate is like TechCrunch 50 for banking and investing and finance-related start-ups. I will be at the conference tomorrow for most of the day except for the hours I will be doing bookkeeping.

It was good to see Jon and Michael from SmartyPig as well as Murali from Billeo. We were on a panel at SXSWi back in March.

I met these cool guys:
Christophe, founder of
Mark Clare, from New Zealand and Value Cruncher.
Dan Rosen of Highland Partners
James Hyde of iPay
Yoni Assia of eToro
Felix Brandon Lloyd of Skill-Life
Vaibhav Puranik of Opera Solutions

Many of the people I spoke with have created online applications and or websites that make managing personal finance, investing and banking easier and more transparent.

Related: WSJ’s Mary Pilon (pronounced like Milan) has a preview of  companies presenting at Finovate.

New Small Business Financial Software:Indinero

My friend Lee Semel just tweeeted about Indinero and I had to check it out. Indinero looks like a for small businesses.

Indinero creates software to help small businesses better track and manage their finances. Indinero aims to provide its users with instant insights into the finances of their companies, leading them to save on unnecessary expenses and to earn more money for their companies.

Plans start at $12/month which is very reasonable.  Has anyone started using it?  I will set up an account and let you know how I like it. Full report TK.

Web 2 Point Dough: Cash, Xero and More

Xero, an online financial application that was founded in New Zealand, is now available in the US. You can try Xero for FREE for 30 days, and the service is available for as low as $29/month.

Budget your money by using a Discover prepaid card for shopping.

Hold on to your cash receipts, kids! In an effort to de-incentivize (is that a word?) retailers for offering discounts to credit card users, legislation may make it better to pay in cash.

An updated version of the bookkeeping outline that I used for my seminar I did at New Work City is available.

Web 2 Point Dough: iPhone App, Runway Project


Wise Up: Wi$eUp is a program designed for Generation X & Y women. Its goals are to promote financial security through online education and to encourage responsible saving habits for future retirement.

No more password reset:  Clipperz is the one stop shop for storing all your passwords.

iPhone App: Less Accounting now has an iPhone App.

Keeping nickels: Thursday May 14, I will be doing a bookkeeping seminar at New Work City as part of the Runway kindly sent me some T-shirts, so I will be giving them away. Free!

To learn more about the Runway Project, read this article.

Web 2 Point Dough: Cheap Tax Review and Schedule C Simply

HR Block offers Second Look Review for only $29.  Second Look Review is a service that H&R will review your 2008, 2007 or 2006 tax returns to see if there are errors or deductions that could be taken. They will review your returns even if you did them with TurboTax. This is great so you have another pair eyes looking at your returns, and it is way cheaper than a CPA.

Speaking of taxes, most freelancers and microbusiness owners like have to complete a Schedule C with a 1040 to show deductible business expenses. A great way to keep track of those expenses is to use, a new online financial application. Outright was founded by two former Intuit employees and aims to become an easy, simple resource for self-employed people, sole proprietors,  micro-businesses — anyone that files a Schedule C tax return.

Lastly if you are in New York City, I am doing a seminar on Wednesday, February 18 at New Work City.  It is called “Bookkeeping for Start-ups and Freelancers“.

Web 2 Point Dough:, TwitPay and SXSWi

Mint has a free iPhone App that is now available for download.  You can check your bank and credit card balances and watch your investment performances. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can set your alerts to come to your phone via SMS. Also, check out this article in the New York Times about using online personal finance sites like Mint, SmartyPig and Wesabe.

Want to send money to your Twitter friends? TwitPay is a great way to donate money quickly to your Twitter community.

BTW,  I will be attending South by Southwest Interactive in 2009. I am so happy and honored to be on a panel with Aaron Patzer of and the founders of Smarty Pig. The panel is called, “Finance 2.0: Money Management to Save this Generation” panel at SXSW is scheduled for Monday, March 16th.