Take 5:Find A Better Bank, Buy Happiness And More

Hate your bank?! There are other fish in the sea.  Find A Better Bank (via Lifehacker).

Speaking of banking, use online banking to manage cash flow, save time and be green.

USA! USA! USA! Microlending with Kiva is now available. Kiva has partnered with Accion USA to provide loans online to entrepreneurs. Read more about this new program on Outright’s blog.

Summer’s here.  If you are not doing summer school, you can still learn by checking out Learn Vest which gives you tools and information so you can a handle on your personal finances.

Money Can Buy You Happiness!!! Here are eight tips on how money can solve problems, create more time with family and keep you from sweating the small stuff.

Take 5: Work Like No One Is Paying You and More

June 010
Marci Alboher has tips on how to look busy while looking for a job.

5 Blogs for thrifty times: BrokelynThe Skint,  FreeNYC, FrugalNYC and Lifestyler.

Fight the UBT! What’s the UBT?! It is the unincorporated business tax that is taxed on freelancers.  The Freelancers Union is advocating tax reform and wants you to submit a video.

Keith Ferrazzi, author of one of my favorite books,  Never Eat Alone, has a new book, Who’s Got Your Back.  This new book is about building friendships with people who want you to succeed.

I am so happy to be one of the characters for the first ever 140 Character Conference next week. Follow me on twitter.com/niche if you want to know the scoop.

Take 5 Links You Can Use: Happy, Frugal or Cheap, P and L

16 Ways to Be Happier at Work. via Gretchen Rubin.

Are you a frugalista or a cheapskate? This Small Change column in the Washington Post will tell you the difference.

Reviewing your profit and loss statement is a good thing. Not sure what it is? Read this from Outright’s blog.

Get Mint.com on your MyYahoo.com page, so you can keep mind on your money, even while checking your horoscope.
Planning a staycation in New York City?  Here’s how to do it.