Web 2 Point Dough: Allowances, Analysts, and Expenses

Teach Them Early: Education.com has great tips on giving kids allowance and showing them how to manage money.

Get Money Therapy: Take a quiz; then buy the book.

Watch Your Expenses:  There another new personal finance website in Web 2.0  town, iexpenseonline.  (via Mashable)

Web 2 Point Dough: Deadlines, Distance, Digest

If you’re like me, sometimes you have a problem sticking to deadlines. Lifehack shares  tips on how to stick to deadlines like  Elmer’s glue.

Is your partner working miles away? Technology has helped business partners a lot, and there’s an article this week in Shifting Careers.

Blog Proud: I have been blogging for All Business for two years, and I am proud to say that All Business blogs is a 2008 Webby Honoree. Check out the digest of current blog posts.

Web 2 Point Dough: Co-Working, Conferences, and Cupcakes

Co-working: When not working at a client, I often touch down at Gramstand. Soon a new place will be available for co-working in New York. Check out the latest developments for a new space, New Work City, which is being led by Tony Bacigalupo.

Conferences: Last week I volunteered at the PSFK conference, and tomorrow I am attending BlogHer Business.

Cupcakes: In addition to bookkeeping, I also run a cupcake blog. In May, I am hosting Cupcake Social 2.0 where the NY Tech community is invited to eat cupcakes and socialize offline. Rachel, Allison, and I would love a few sponsors to help us with “cupcake money”. Contact me via email if you want to contribute. Beer money would also be greatly appreciated.

Web 2 Point Dough: Green, Sprout, Sort

Wind Powered: After writing about Con Edison Green Solutions that Little Cupcake Bake Shop uses, I wanted to provide a link in case other small businesses want to learn about it.

Filtered: Check out the Sproutwire (Beta) which is a new site that cherry picks rather than just aggregates small business news for you.

Sorted: Freelance Switch gives 5 great tips on how to prepare for your accountant. Sorting receipts is important, since I have had to sort personal from business receipts for clients before, and sometimes I don’t want to know how much money you spend at J.Crew. 🙂

Web 2 Point Dough: Call, Insure, and Pop

Catching Calls: At the Small Biz Technology conference, I met a representative from GotVMail which is a great virtual phone system solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Getting Insurance:  Shifting Careers has a great round-up of health insurance options for freelancers and small business people.

Mainlining:  Check out new blog, MainStreet, which is a mix of pop culture and money.