Take Five: News You Can Use

Bank of America is rolling out text banking.

Tax deadline is this Thursday, April 15. File Later if you have to.

If you need help with your filing, Simplfi has some tips on how to double your tax refund.

Finovate Spring Conference is May 11 in San Francisco.

Invoice Bubble is a new online invoicing tool which is good for freelancers and small businesses.

Search Through Quickbooks And IPhone App For Freshbooks

As a bookkeeper, sometimes I have to research an old transaction from either months ago or even years ago.  OSI shared some great tips on how to search through Quickbooks. I listed a few which also includes search through Google Desktop.

  • Search the account’s register. Go to your company’s Chart of Accounts. There are register for each account on your balance sheet, which includes bank accounts, inventory, accounts receivable, and other assets.  For expense accounts, you will have to run a Quick Report.
  • Do a Simple Find.  While in the register, choose edit and then Find (or press Ctrl-F).
  •  Advance Find is similar to Simple Find but you can specify criteria (like vendors) for dozens of available fields.
  • Google Desktop. First you will have to have to have Google Desktop installed and set up indexing process on your QuickBooks data. The length of time required for this varies, based upon the size of your QuickBooks company. You’ll get the best results from your search if you wait until Google Desktop has completed its initial index.

I don’t have an iPhone, but so many who need to keep track of their time do.  Freshbooks has an iPhone application that does time tracking. The free FreshBooks Time Tracking application is now available for downloading from http://www.freshbooks.com/add-ons/iphone.php

Online Invoicing Options: Harvest, Blinksale, Curdbee

Wow, you can learn a lot by casually reading your friend’s tweets.  Today I heard about Harvest, an online time tracking and invoicing application.  Many self-employed/freelancers are looking for a simple solution to do invoicing and keep up with their accounts receivable. Harvest has some cool bells and whistles like recurring invoices, expense tracking and can export time sheet data into Quickbooks. The individual pricing  for Harvest at $12 is comparable to Blinksale which is what I use, but there’s a limit of only 30 active clients and 20 active projects.  If you have lots of small jobs/clients, then you may have move up to the next level which is $40/month. For Blinksale, there is unlimited clients and you can have payment linked to your PayPal account. There’s another simple invoicing web application Curdbee which is absolutely free. Curdbee allows you to accept payments via Paypal and Google Checkout. Plus it also accepts other currencies. I suggest you do a little research and select the best one for your invoicing needs.  Any of these is better than a word document since the faster you invoice, means the faster you will get paid.