Summary of Finovate East Day 1

waffles at finovate
Today is the first day of Finovate. First off, there’s a definite clash of cultures. Lots of people are wearing suits. I was here last year, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. Some of the start-up guys are surprised to see suit and ties. Another thing is that Finovate is much bigger than last year. It’s two days. There’s a nice laptop lounge. There were waffles for an afternoon snack.

Demos: There are so many of the companies are in the Personal Finance Management PFM space. Some of them are redundant, but many of the ones that look good are using Yodlee. Mint is noticeably absent, mainly because they totally PWNED the PFM space.

The ones that I have liked so far: Credit Sesame, Betterment, CashEdge’s Pop Money, and H&R’s Tax Center. All of these are providing solutions for both consumers and small businesses.

Complaint: iPad Apps. IMHO, there are impractical for personal finance. Most people will do their banking on their native computer or laptop since that’s where all their passwords and cookies are stored. I really doubt iPad users will really migrate that information over.

From the Finovate hashtag: “There are two emerging trends-social media meets PFM and payday lending meets Web 2.0.”


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