Questions To Ask When Building A Business Plan

Creating a business plan for many entrepreneurs can be a numbers headache. The important thing is being able to answer key questions. There’s an article in CS Monitor that lists some important questions hat should be included in a business plan.

  1. What are you hoping to do?
  2. Why is this an opportunity? What is happening in the marketplace to make this work?
  3. Specifically who is feeling “the pain” that creates their need for this product or service? What will you need to do to get their business?
  4. Who will you have to fight to get these customers to buy from you?
  5. Specifically what will you offer and for how much? How will you let them know about you? How will you deliver what you offer to them?
  6. What resources and people will you need to make this work?
  7. What does this story look like in numbers?

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