Has The “Quickbooks Killer” Arrived?

I have been writing about small business accounting, bookeeping and personal financial application for a while now.  It’s been exciting to new start-ups come up and make business cycle operations easier, but none have been able to everything that Quickbooks. Today I got an email from Working Point, and I think that they may have done it. I will try it out later, but wanted you know about this news.

We’ve been hard at work on our banking integration and we are excited to announce that the “foundation has been laid!” We know that this is a feature that you are excited about as well so, we have decided to break the feature into 2 parts so we could give you access as soon as possible.

The first part of our banking integration offers Premium subscribers the ability to view financial institution account balances in WorkingPoint. WorkingPoint can securely connect with over 4,800 bank and credit card providers, including PayPal. Connecting to your financial institutions is easy and administrators can set up connections in just minutes. By creating a simple connection between your financial institution accounts and your bookkeeping accounts where you track your business activity in WorkingPoint, you gain real-time insight into your actual cash and credit card liabilities all from where you manage your business: WorkingPoint.


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