How To Be An Industry Expert

Susan Payton posted an excellent primer on Mashable about how to be an industry expert in your business or profession. It doesn’t matter what the field; you can succeed if you do the homework.


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Being an expert in your field makes you the go-to person for your industry. There are many people that I trust inherently on different subjects simply because they know their stuff, and they’re not trying to sell me anything. They just want to be helpful in their own space. These are people that I learn from, but also whom I would buy from because I trust their knowledge and expertise.

Being an expert helps you:

 – Establish yourself as an industry leader
– Help others
– Become a trusted resource
– Get interviews and media coverage
– Gain access (via conference/speaking invites, etc.)
– Convert followers to sales

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One thought on “How To Be An Industry Expert

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