And You Say New York City

April 007

It would seem with the high cost of living and high tax rate that New York City would be a bad place to start a business. Rubbish!  In my experience, New York is great place to be an entrepreneur. The talented people, the  business community, the high speed internet and the idea that there is something for everyone makes running a successful business possible. Here are some great resources.

To help you get started, check out’s site.

New York City Entrepreneur Week is April  20-24.  There will lots of events and speakers. Plus there is a contest where you can submit your business plane.

BootupNYC is like a mashup of a business networking and a dance party. It will be Wednesday April 22 at Webster Hall.

The Runway Project helps people get in gear and start their businesses.  Their next meetup, “Brainstorm: Get Your Idea From Napkin to Action” will be April 16 at New Work City.

4 thoughts on “And You Say New York City

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