Web 2 Point Dough: Broke, Tax Forms, HealthCare and Zombies!

snails and foam

Today, I am combining my love of food photography with tips about money and taxes. I took the picture on Wednesday while out to dinner at Tailor, a restaurant in Soho. The green foam matches the blog. Yay!

Broke: This Is Why You’re Broke is a blog that may shame you into never spending money frivolously again (or maybe not).

Healthcare Option for the Jobless and Uninsured: Lauren from LifestylerMag tipped me off to Walgreen’s Take Care Clinics across the country.

Understanding Tax Forms : There’s a great blog post on Mint.com that gives you the skinny on tax forms and schedules.

Zombies: Ever since I met the guys from Lost Zombies at SXSW, I pay attention whenever I see the word “zombie”. Well there’s a financial term that I know now thanks to WordSpy, “zombie banks”. Zombie banks are banks cannot lend money because its liabilities are greater than its assets, but remains in business thanks to government support. Hopefully the government can either wipe out the zombie banks or make them thrive.


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