Web 2 Point Dough: Get Rich, File Later and Tweet What You Spend

032109: Hotel Mini Bar Snickers

Happy Weekend! Here are three great money tips that you should check out.

Read this blog: I Will TeachYou To Be Rich.  At first I was skeptical when I heard about the blog because the title sounds so ambitious, but when I read some of Ramit  posts, I realized that the content of the blog is chock full of good personal finance tips.  There’s also a book.

It is less than three weeks to April 15. If you know you won’t be able to file your income taxes properly by the tax deadline, then file later. FileLater will file personal tax extensions for only $17.95 and file business online tax extensions for $39.95.

Yesterday, I met Alex Ressi, the founder of Tweet What You Spend which is a great tool for tracking your daily spending. Instead of sending a public tweet, you use the direct message to “twys”. He showed me that you how his site takes your tweet and can export your tweets into a cash journal that can be an Excel or a .CSV file. This is good because you can later import the cash entries into any accounting applications that accepts those files.
Tweet What You Spend reminded me of Kate Bingaman-Burt who draws what she spends like the illustration above.


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