Nickelwise: Notes From SXSW

South by Southwest Interactive is way more tech than small business, but there was some good business information to be gleaned from my four days in Austin.  Two great panels that were applicable to small business were the “Making Ideas Happen” talk by Scott Belsky of Behance, and the Bootstap Your Startup panel.  Check out the slideshow presentation by Bijoy for the Bootstrap Panel. One of the best pieces of advice I heard about being productive is: “Don’t let your inbox overrule your to-do list”.

The Finance 2.0 panel was great.  I just wish more people came to the panel, because the panelists and I really want people to know that managing your money is important.  Here’s some links to people who wrote about the panel.  Check out the tweets at

On the SXSW tradeshow floor,  I got a quick demo of   It looks like a good tool for cash flow management.

Yesterday, Saul Colt from Freshbooks set up a lunch so I could meet the founders of Outright, Shoeboxed and Batch Blue.  The cool thing about all four of these companies is that they are using each others’ APIs to collaborate.  This results in an online eco-system of small business applications that goes from soup to nuts.  The business cycle includes CRM (Batch Blue)  invoicing (Freshbooks) , expense management (Shoeboxed)  and basic bookkeeeping and Schedule C calculation (Outright).


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