Working Women’s Luncheon at the Javits Center Quick Recap

“It is the time to be essential.” Hearst President Cathie Black said in response to today’s job market and the current economic crisis. Cathie Black was the keynote speaker at WCBS Radio’s Working Women Luncheon which I attended today at the Javits Center.

It was “bitch cold” this morning, so I was happy when I walked into the warmth of the River Pavillion.  Plus, there was a goodie bag waiting for me as soon as I checked in at the registration desk. I met some very entreprising women before sitting down at my table including Venita who runs Danzemergencee, a niche temp firm for dance and fitness instructors and Andrea Dey, event planner.

At lunch, I met the sister of fashion designer Dara Lamb.  Her custom women’s business suits are beautiful and professional. I also met Mary Kagan, CPA and a fellow blogger Carmina Perez, whose blog is Mogulette-In-The-Making. I just glanced at her blog, and she too attended the Econ Women Conference last month. [Smart Small World]

After the luncheon, I had to run and do bookkeeping in DUMBO, then host a Cupcake Takes The Cake Meetup in the Village. I’m exhausted.


One thought on “Working Women’s Luncheon at the Javits Center Quick Recap

  1. Hey Nichelle,
    Thanks for the mention. It was ,great to meet you too and I’ll be blogging about you and the event as well as soon as I catch up. You were at the EconWomen Conf. too? Awesome! I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.

    Mogulisiously yours,
    Carmina (

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