It’s Not Over

Thanks to everyone who have sent comments of support.  I have gotten of lot of advice, and I appreciate it. My accounts are still frozen, and I found out today that the bank freezes your account for double the amount of the judgment against you. The personal banker at Citibank forgot to mention that last week, I guess. The good news is that a friend referred me to lawyer who specializes in stuff like this.

I am in financial purgatory, and I am so frustrated because I can’t make plans to do anything.  I really want to disappear, and keep my head under the covers, but I can’t. I am trying to be a grown-up, so please bear with me.

If you really want to help in a financial way, don’t send me money but please make a donation to Right Rides.  Part of the money in my accounts was  going to go directly to them, so this would be a good way to help me and others.

BTW, please pull your credit report if you have not done so already. Knowledge is power!


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Over

  1. Wow. Nichelle, I’d hoped this would be over for you by now.

    I’m so sorry those creeps did this to you and I hope you & your lawyer can get this cleared up today. Yesterday!

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