Check-Rich; Cash Poor and Piggy Banking It

Check-Rich: Here’s an update on my personal finance crisis.  The amount Rubin & Rothman/Midland Funding claim I owe is about $3400. I don’t know anything about this.  I pulled my credit report and found an exception from Midland Credit for $1600 for a credit card that was opened in 2005.  I am disputing this since I have not opened a personal credit card since 1998. I have used either corporate cards for work or my debit card. My accounts are still frozen, and I have two client checks just begging to be deposited.  I may have to go to court to dispute. I am living my worst nightmare right now. Everyone who reads this post: Get your credit pulled today. Do NOT wait. Use Annual Credit Report which is actually free.  Dispute anything that does not ring true.

Cash Poor:  Right now, a lot of people are skittish, and they are worried about their 401Ks.  There are other safer instruments like Money Market accounts which yield less but are less risky. Talk to a representative from the financial institution that is holding your 401K account, but do you some research first and compare options.

Another way to put yourself at ease is to do some fall spring cleaning. Don’t you just love it when you a find a couple of dollars in a coat pocket?! Check around your bedroom and collect all the loose change. Quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies add up to dollars.  Go to Commerce Bank’s Penny Arcade and deposit your coins. You don’t have to have an account there. Every little bit counts.

Piggy Banks, Old and New: The old school piggy bank may seem retro these days, but it still works.  The new school piggy bank is opening an account with SmartyPig where you can set savings goals,  deposit money securely with a 3.9%  annual yield,  and have friends contribute to your smarty pig.  I will cover all the features about Smarty Pig in an upcoming post, but sign up today so you can start saving up for Christmas cash or a New Year’s Eve bash.


3 thoughts on “Check-Rich; Cash Poor and Piggy Banking It

  1. Nichelle – I am SO sorry this happened to you. I lived through identity theft and it was a total fucking nightmare. You are so amazing for keeping your sanity through all this. Absolutely inspiring! Hope things get sorted soon.

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