The Night All My Money Disappeared

Earlier this evening, I tried to get some cash out of the ATM, but it said insufficient funds. I assume it could be low since so far this week, I have paid on my student loans and bought $40 worth of tights since it is now fall.  I got home, watched the tail end of the debate, and then was about to retire for the night. Then I remembered to check my Citibank balance. I look at the screen in horror. There was $0.00 in all three of my accounts.  Nothing, nada, zilch.

My voice was shaking when I talked to the bank representative. I thought it may be identity fraud, but I knew I had both my debit card with me and my checkbook.  The rep told me that a restraining order has been placed on my account by Midland Funding. The attorneys representing them are Rubin and Rothman.  They are in Islandia, New York.

Googling Midland Funding, I found several complaints on consumer sites like Rip-off Report, but no solution.

I found another person who lives in Oklahoma and a similar thing happened.  The interesting thing is that their original creditor is Citibank.

I don’t know if I owe. I don’t know how much. I don’t  know what for. Midland Funding apparently is a mortgage broker. I don’t have a mortgage. I live in an apartment share. I think it is a scam.

The henchman (AKA the lawyers are Rubin & Rothman). They have complaints as well on Rip-off Report.They are based in LongIsland in Islandia.  There are several complaints about them as well on Pissed Consumer.

I did a “Whois.Net” on the domain name and the domain name owner lives in Rocky Point which is out on Long Island.  1and1 is the hosting site.

I will file a claim with the Better Business Bureau.  I need a lawyer to make expedite the restraining order to be lifted. I want Midland Funding and all the shady lawyers who facilitate their scam to be thrown under a jail. Plus, Citibank should train their employees to be aware of suspicious companies and create a database that is reviewed regularly. Also, they Citibank should also tell their customers who put money into the bank when someone is taking money out of the accounts.

Consumer Complaint in Arkansas

Also, if the creditor/scammer is supposedly suing me because the debt has not been collected then it is “volenti non fit injura”. I guess this means that they cannot recover damages for an act that they volunteered for.  (via Paul Exposes)

I didn’t find anything on Consumerist about Midland or Rubin Rothman.

By the way, this is the listing of the statue of limitations on debt by state.

It’s 3:30am, and  I can’t sleep.  I have $5 in cash, a monthly metrocard, and at least October rent is paid. I wish I could talk my mom and dad right now and they would tell me everything  will be alright. I’ll call them in the morning, if I can go to sleep.

Noon. October 8.  I feel like staying in my bed all day and watching shows, but I got up.

I emailed the situation to a reporter at CBS2 and she replied back with the number of the consumer reporter producer.

I called Citibank again, and a supervisor suggested that I file an exception with the state prosecutor’s office.

I called the law firm/collection henchmen and the woman who answered wanted my social security to look up my account. I would not give her that, so I hung up. I feel so compromised.  I feel like I need a “financial rape kit”.  The funny thing is that I have no money to pay for it.


20 thoughts on “The Night All My Money Disappeared

  1. This happened to me this summer, though it was an individual, not a company. They drained my checking account three days before I left for Mexico. I also had my ATM card and checkbook in hand. They said “my husband” had used “our” card. I told them I didn’t have a husband and there was no OUR card. It was mine. They straightened it out eventually. Go to your bank branch tomorrow and RAISE HOLY HELL. It’ll be okay and I can give you 40 bucks if you want to meet me somewhere today.

  2. I am so sorry that this has happened to you. More and more people will be falling victim to things like this as the economy continues to take a nosedive. Hopefully people read articles like this one and visit the sites you linked to so that they can be more aware and maybe even a little more proactive.

  3. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, Nichelle. We can definitely lend you money if you need. Please don’t hesitate to ask. I hope this is resolved quickly and I hope you’re okay. I know they picked on the wrong person in this case!

  4. Nichelle, I am so sorry and these jerks will be too. They definitely picked on the wrong individual.
    I know you will get this resolved and help raise awareness so other people dont fall into this trap too.
    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  5. how awful!!! please let me know if there’s anything i can do, or anything you need, even if it’s a little cash to get you through the week.

  6. I watched your tweets last night and wished I could just hug you. Consider yourself long-distance hugged from Oregon. As a former TV person, I can tell you this kind of thing is gold. Call in any and all markers to get it on someone’s desk.

  7. Nichelle, this is awful and it scares the crap out of me. I don’t understand how something like this could happen and I wish I could do something to help. I’m doing my “screw the henchmen” dance for what its worth.

  8. This sucks and I know about a couple of summers ago, I was looking to buy a property, when we pulled my credit report it was crazy. It showed me owning items in states where I hadn’t lived and owning cards that I never had. I found out that sometimes if you’re social security number and name are close to someone else’s you have a flipped identity situation. It’s important to stay vigilante and know of resources that can help you but this is crazy! I read your tweets and I wouldn’t have been able to sleep either!

  9. Holy hell! What a nightmare. I hope this gets resolved soon. Sorry you have to go through this. Caryn and MeiLin Miranda are right, let’s make some noise & get you settled.

    Let me know if I can do anything.

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  11. Wow, very interesting article. It’s funny how history can be twisted in so many different ways. These photos certainly give us clues, but I guess we’ll never know the true story. . . .

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