Online Invoicing Options: Harvest, Blinksale, Curdbee

Wow, you can learn a lot by casually reading your friend’s tweets.  Today I heard about Harvest, an online time tracking and invoicing application.  Many self-employed/freelancers are looking for a simple solution to do invoicing and keep up with their accounts receivable. Harvest has some cool bells and whistles like recurring invoices, expense tracking and can export time sheet data into Quickbooks. The individual pricing  for Harvest at $12 is comparable to Blinksale which is what I use, but there’s a limit of only 30 active clients and 20 active projects.  If you have lots of small jobs/clients, then you may have move up to the next level which is $40/month. For Blinksale, there is unlimited clients and you can have payment linked to your PayPal account. There’s another simple invoicing web application Curdbee which is absolutely free. Curdbee allows you to accept payments via Paypal and Google Checkout. Plus it also accepts other currencies. I suggest you do a little research and select the best one for your invoicing needs.  Any of these is better than a word document since the faster you invoice, means the faster you will get paid.


16 thoughts on “Online Invoicing Options: Harvest, Blinksale, Curdbee

  1. Agreed on the ‘what you can learn from reading tweets’! Just wanted to toss TSheets into the mix here as well. We’ve taken the less is more approach, with a simple to use time tracker that will generate weekly reports based on job codes, or all together in one lump batch. These reports are readily available for import with quickbooks and a wide number of other accounting software packages. Come have a visit at:

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  4. Thanks for the introduction, I think CurdBee looks very promising as they offer a full free version without any limitations as others. Also their paid account seems much cheaper. I signed up for their service and so far very impressed! Seems I can even manage with the free one 🙂

  5. I used to use Harvest but lately I switched to Net2Invoice. They have kept it super simple. You can fax, email and post invoices and estimates. I haven’t seen any online invoicing application as simple as Net2Invoice – It is free to use.

  6. Sage Software has recently launched a free online invoicng tool for freelancers and small businesses at Billing Boss is focused of keeping invoicing simple – so simple that you can get set up and send your first invoice in just a couple minutes.

    Please note: With the goal of full disclosure, I work at Sage. Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback about Billing Boss.

  7. I use ‘s Time Tracking Software for my company. It is right treatment for time and labor management processes has to be an easy-to-administer and affordable solution for Freelancers, supervisors, employees and HR and payroll managers. They offer free application to companies less than 50 employees. You must Try it!

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