LikeMinds Have Big Ideas

Thanks to Noah and Piers being out of the country, I was asked to co-host this morning’s LikeMind here in NYC. LikeMind is a monthly coffee gathering where a mix of creatives, marketing, bloggers, start-up founders and freelancers and anyone else who is social in the early morning come and meet.  We had a fun group which included Luke from Technorati, Adam from Help I Need Help, James, Peter, Shayna, Adam, BrianVan, Daniele from LeftLoft, and the whole team from Raisanen Creative.  Discussions ranged from live music, twittering, headaches, art parades, design, cupcakes and branding.

The next LikeMind will the third Thursday in October (October 17) and it is held in over thirty cities all over the world.  Hope to see you at the next one!


2 thoughts on “LikeMinds Have Big Ideas

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