Zecco Lets You Make Free Stock Trades

Wow! Is this too good to be true? California-based investment firm Zecco lets you make 10 free month stocks a trades a month as long your maintain a $2500 balance. There’s also a social network component, ZeccoShare so you connect online with investors. I think Zecco would be good for newbie investors and investing groups.

clipped from www.springwise.com
Zecco is an online financial portal and community through which investors can make 10 free stock trades every month when they maintain an asset balance of just USD 2,500. The cost otherwise is only USD 4.50 per trade, and there is no minimum balance required to open or maintain an account. Further enriching the experience for users, meanwhile, is ZeccoShare, a social network for investors that Zecco launched last fall. Members of ZeccoShare can create profiles, contribute to blogs and forums and join investing groups. They can also share their portfolios (minus the dollar amounts), their trades and their performance for discussion with other members. Portfolio data, holdings and trade information are aggregated across all ZeccoShare member profiles, allowing members to scan listings of most-held and most-traded stocks, create specific groups of like-minded investors (such as “socially responsible investing” or “women on investing”) and more.

One thought on “Zecco Lets You Make Free Stock Trades

  1. I researched Zecco as well and i put my money
    it it to really check it out and decided it
    was a bait and switch. It took over a month
    before I could take my money out, so before
    you decide to deposit money remember this
    old saying (If It Sounds Too Good To Be True
    -thats right) so I took a good advice and
    signed up with scottrade.com and got 3 free
    trades with this promo code: YWEU0574

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