This Week is National Payroll Week

When a publicist emailed me about National Payroll Week, I first thought that this is not applicable to my readers, but then I know some entrepreneurs still have day jobs, or they have employees.

For employees, you may want to re-allocate your deductions on your paycheck to create a flexible spending plan that works for your health insurance, commuter or dependent childcare needs.

For employers/entrepreneurs, if you have people performing work for you but they are really employees rather than “independent contractors”, then set them up properly to avoid penalties.  Some of my clients have raved about PayChex for outsourced payroll  which is good for very small businesses.  You can also check to see if you bank provides a payroll service.  I know that one of my clients uses Bank of America’s payroll service, so if you already bank with them, then that may be an option.  Find the best solution for your business, and budget to spend no more than $60/month on payroll services if you have less than five employees.


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