Plan Your Summer Staycation

Via Urban Dictionary, Staycation is defined as a vacation that is spent close to home.
This summer, many people have opted to do that given high gas prices that make domestic travel difficult and the weak dollar which makes foreign travel very expensive.

So what do you do? Stay home or at someone else’s. If you have a friend who is leaving, offer to housesit while they’re away.Swap apartments/homes. There are often listings on Craigslist, but you can also sign up for sites like HomeExchangeVacation. If you really want to get away and spend less on lodging, check out Vacation Rentals by Owners.

Treat your staycation like a vacation. Set up a away message on your email. Unplu as much as you would as if you were out-o-town. Delegate business responsibilities to your colleagues. Tell your clients that you will return all calls when you’re back in the office.

Discover your hometown. Act like a tourist in your own city. Go to beaches, parks, and camping grounds that are close to home. Eat like you are on vacation. Have breakfast at midnight, or drink red wine at lunch. Send postcards to friends for fun. If you want to look like you got some sun, then there’s always self-tanner. Enjoy your staycation!


One thought on “Plan Your Summer Staycation

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