Receipts Made Easier

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Keeping up with receipts for business expenses can be difficult. The ones you need to keep are receipts for cash purchases and for any purchases that  you will get reimburse by either a client or your employer.

Other purchases paid for via credit/debit card you may not need to retain as the charges will also show on your monthly statement.

The thermal printers now used at many retailers can make receipts easily smudge and barely readable so it is best to enter them in your bookkeeping software or scan them right away.

Two online companies can help.

Neat Receipts sells a scanner and software, and all receipts can be uploaded into Quickbooks.

Shoeboxed is like a NetFlix for receipts. You send them your receipts and they scan them in for you and send you a file.


3 thoughts on “Receipts Made Easier

  1. I really like the ShoeBoxed idea–as long as nothing gets lost in the mail. I just wish that credit cards would keep track of what was actually purchased and give you a way to manage your receipts that way instead of just tracking the totals of each purchase.

  2. I am also a bookkeeper, and I have been told by a couple accountants that one should keep ALL receipts, even those for credit card purchases. This is because the statement shows WHERE you purchased; the receipt shows WHAT you purchased, which is actually the more important part. If a company is audited, they will ask for the actual receipts, not just the statements.

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