What’s In A Name?

A rose is arroz is arose.
You may have chuckled at the names and spellings of many of the new startups, but they are smart enough to give their company a distinct so as to not have any trademark issues later.

clipped from www.latimes.com


Give your company a distinct name


By Karen E. Klein, Special to The Times

June 9, 2008

Dear Karen: The name I want to use for a small publishing firm is being used by a firm not in the publishing sector. Can I use it?
Answer: Pick a name not already in use. It will differentiate your firm and save you from legal conflict.

That said, if the other firm is in a completely unrelated category, and it’s not a famous trademark, you’d probably be fine using the name, said Doug Wolf, co-chairman of the trademark group at Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, an intellectual property law firm based in Boston.
But problems can arise if there’s even remote overlap.
“A retail store using a trademark might overlap with a clothing manufacturer using the same mark,” Wolf said. “A publishing company and a widget-maker would be OK, but if a mark is being used by a publisher and a blog, that could create confusion.”

By the way, Kluster has a project where creating names is crowdsourced. Check out Name This.


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