Your Business Can’t A Vacation, But Maybe You Can

Tom McGlynn, owner of Focus-N-Fly, a personal fitness training company, has found a way to manage his business remotely when traveling. You too can manage your business remotely without losing control. Here are Tom’s five tips for making it work:

* Go mobile; stay connected: Laptop computers with wireless adapters keep you connected wherever you go. McGlynn tracks his entire business and sends invoices from free wireless connections via stores, cafés and the airport. For more control, subscribe to mobile broadband through your cell phone carrier. You can get online anywhere there’s coverage – just like with your cell phone.
* Manage your finances online: QuickBooks Online business software is a handy way to keep track of your finances anywhere, anytime – especially while traveling. McGlynn uses it to create and send professional-looking invoices via e-mail and easily track his cash flow.
* Get a Smartphone: More than a cell phone, a smartphone allows you to communicate instantly with customers and employees via phone, e-mail and text messages. It can also act like a personal assistant and helps McGlynn easily make restaurant reservations or locate a golf course. You can even see how your business is doing – QuickBooks Online lets you view your finances from your iPhone™.
* Reduce paperwork: Replacing that old copy machine with an all-in-one photocopier, fax and scanner puts an end to sending paperwork via snail mail. If you have employees, it means they can scan documents and send them to you via e-mail.
* Outsource: Look at ways you can outsource specific business management tasks. Hire a virtual or local assistant to help with administrative tasks or find a writer to write copy for your Web site. It can also include working with another business owner to trade off covering for each other’s business when traveling. McGlynn has an assistant coach who he relies on to cover his practices when he is on vacation.


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