Be Prepared: Have A Plan for Disaster Recovery

Tornadoes, power outages and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on your business. Protect your most important assets-your people and your data. Make sure to have insurance on your business, and consider increasing deductible on insurance policy when you purchase new and expensive equipment to cover expense in case of loss.
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A small business does need to ensure the safety and accessibility of two critical assets: its employees and data.

“Build a solid contact list with at least five ways to contact every employee,” Toigo said. And don’t just keep the list electronically — print it out and keep it in your wallet. Keep it updated — especially when people are making plans to evacuate.

‘Unplug and Go’

Data — including customer lists, information about projects your company is working on and your accounting ledgers — need to be safeguarded. The options range from the relatively simple and inexpensive, such as backing up your files on a USB flash drive, to the more complex and costly, such as contracting with a company that will maintain a duplicate server remotely for you.

Toigo noted that there are hard drives that can plug into a USB port that automatically back up data.


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