I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream at hiPhone bills

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050808, originally uploaded by kate*.

I don’t have an iPhone. I can’t afford it, and I am pretty sure many of you who are thinking about buying one with their stimulus check, can’t afford it either. A cell phone is a utility like electricity or gas. What if your Con Ed bill doubled and not just during the summer with the AC runs all the time? You would curse out the customer service rep and scream bloody murder! However when people buy an iPhone and their wireless bill doubles or triples, then most will grin and bear it because having a iPhone is cool. The coolness factor is trumping common sense for many. Yes, I would love to have one. It almost seems to be worth it with the ease of getting online, answering emails quickly and twittering to your heart’s content. But being bleeding edge can bite you in the ass and in your wallet. Spend your stimulus check elsewhere, but surround yourself with friends who will get an iPhone so that you can look up that new restaurant without dialing 4-1-1 or GOOGL.:)


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