Someday My Prints Will Come

bakespace flyer

Although most of today’s business marketing material is online with websites, email newsletters and electronic press kits, there is still a need for paper marketing material. These items are important for offline events like conferences, socials and meetups.  These printing materials (business cards, postcard, stickers) are necessary to get your business noticed and remembered.

Vista Print: VistaPrint is not just for cheap business cards any more. The BakeSpace postcard in the picture above was printed using Vistaprint.

Moo Cards: Cute; however the irregular shape make them stand out which can be a good thing or kinda annoying. I use Moo cards myself, and I have regular-size business cards as well. Read Inc.’s blog post about Moo and Zazzle. I suggest springing for a Moo card holder so you don’t lose the itty bitty cards.

PrintMyThing: Good for printing out stickers.

Suggested Bookkeeping entry for this business expense would be classified as either an office expense (business cards) or marketing expense (postcards, stickers, banners).


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