New Option For Internet Access While Traveling

When I was on the road traveling as a management consultant, it was often difficult and/or expensive to get good internet access. Some hotels charge exorbitant fees and service can be spotty. I just read about RovAir which sounds a like a great solution for travel.

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New York-based RovAir now offers a third option with its day-pass wireless mobile broadband service.

Founded last fall, RovAir provides wireless mobile broadband aircards, data cards and evdo cards for internet access without an extended contract. To do that, the company itself maintains the necessary long-term subscriptions for data services with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. It then offers those services in a day-pass format for those who need short-term but continuous access on the road. Coverage extends anywhere the provider’s cellular range goes, which can be searched on RovAir’s site. RovAir will ship the data card to the consumer express or by courier, and also provide return packaging. Costs depend on the number of days of use, beginning at USD 5.95 per day. There is a three-day minimum.

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