Don’t Forget To Deduct These Expenses!

Via Lifehacker, I found a link on Small Biz Survival which has some important checklists for small business. Since it’s tax time, you may want to check out the list below of deductible business expenses.

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Any reasonable and necessary expenses related to your business. So any money spent to connect with clients or potential clients, to do your work, or to get necessary equipment to run the business. For example, you can deduct:

  • web hosting, web design, domain names, etc.
  • the business percent of your cell phone, including data plan
  • part or all of your home internet service, based on how much you use it for business
  • business cards or any other business promo items
  • computer equipment
  • software used in the business
  • paper, ink cartridges, and office supplies
  • ipod, etc. (if it’s related to your line of business, like podcasting)
  • camera, etc. (once again, if it’s reasonable)
  • contract labor or subcontractors
  • professional fees, like legal or accounting
  • meals and entertainment with clients if you discuss business before, during or after
  • conference registrations
  • mileage driven for business
  • tolls and parking fees for business trips
  • other business travel expenses, including motel and airfare

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