Tripping Wires Led to Spitzer’s Downfall

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Eliot Spitzer, Smiling, originally uploaded by azipaybarah.

By now you have heard about “Eliot Spitzer’s Mess“. How does this relate to you and your business finances?! First and foremost, keep business and personal expenses separate. Only put business expenses through your business checking and/or business credit card. For personal expenses use your personal checking/debit card. It may even be a good idea to use two separate banks, but as long as you don’t pay additional fees. Second, wire money only when you absolutely have to. To wire money, the banks always charge fees, since the bank act an intermediary for wire transfers. The banks perk up for unusual wire activity with your account, and due to recent anti-money laundering laws, they may be required to contact to the IRS for suspicious activity. If you owe money to a vendor, be proactive and schedule a payment well ahead of time via online check or snail mail. Additionally, it is wise to give your banker a head’s up if you’re suddenly making huge expenditures. If you don’t have a personal contact at your bank, make one now. Go into your local branch and introduce yourself and exchange business cards, because this kind of “personal touch” is totally OK.:)


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