Web 2 Point Dough: Green, Sprout, Sort

Wind Powered: After writing about Con Edison Green Solutions that Little Cupcake Bake Shop uses, I wanted to provide a link in case other small businesses want to learn about it.

Filtered: Check out the Sproutwire (Beta) which is a new site that cherry picks rather than just aggregates small business news for you.

Sorted: Freelance Switch gives 5 great tips on how to prepare for your accountant. Sorting receipts is important, since I have had to sort personal from business receipts for clients before, and sometimes I don’t want to know how much money you spend at J.Crew. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Web 2 Point Dough: Green, Sprout, Sort

  1. Nichelle:

    Two things – thanks for the link to Sproutwire; I hadn’t heard of that one. I read a few articles just now, and I like their POV and their appropriateness to my situation. This site should save me some serious time hunting for relevant small business and solopreneur content.

    Secondly, your site is great. I bookmarked it a few weeks back and am starting to catch up with recent posts. Keep up the good work.

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