The Quicky and Dirty on Quicken Online

Quicken Online launched today, and it is ready to compete with the Wesabes, Geezeos and Mints of the Web 2.0 personal finance world. The site offers tips on personal finances as will as a bill payment calendar.

Site Aesthetics: The cleanest and easiest to navigate of all the Intuit products.

Browser Compatibility: Thanks goodness that Quicken does NOT use Active-X, so it is compatible with Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Fee: Let me say that $2.99/month is so negligible that that the service should be either free or it should promoted as a yearly fee like $36/year. Psychological Pricing still works in 2008.

Summary: If you already use Quicken desktop, this may a great solution for you, so take it for a spin since the first month is FREE. If you are in the market for a new personal finance app, then try one of the free (W, G, M) first and compare. If you are using an Excel Spreadsheet, please for the love of all that is money and holy, then grow up and get on a personal finance system. Your bookkeeper and CPA will thank you!

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