2008 Business Resolutions

w00t! A new year has just kicked off and it is time to get busy. Before you go back to business as usual, take a moment to make some business resolutions. These resolutions can be business goals, but they can also be small changes in your daily operations that can slowly grow into a business evolution or even a success revolution. Once you’re done, then communicate. Post the resolutions on the office bulletin board, email to all your people, be the on the screen saver of your computer or post on your website or blog.

Here’s a few suggestions:

1. Clearly communicate and daily prioritize tasks and responsibilities to colleagues.

2. Discontinue weekly office meetings. If you do #1 well, then 2 is just an email.

3. Don’t work on the weekends. (Work smart. not hard)
4. Delegate more to the passionate. You will be surprised at their achievement.

5. Develop new business contacts by NOT networking. See-saw [I hate the word “leverage”] off of friends, family and even your dry cleaner by letting them know about your business. Make it fun!

There are more suggestions in this article in the El Paso Times.


One thought on “2008 Business Resolutions

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