Putting On My Publicist Hat

In addition to bookkeeping, I am a freelance publicist and my clients have included artists, authors, bloggers and start-ups. Lately I have gotten several queries about publicity and everyone wants to know how much is it going to cost them. My answer is that it depends on your goals. Some clients want publicity for an event, but some want ongoing services which may include a developing a publicity strategy, creating press releases, developing media list, and organizing press clips. Before even thinking about procuring services, keep this tips from Zable Fisher Public Relations in mind.

  1. Set aside fund for a publicity budget. Generally, you may want to set 2-10% of your projected gross sales for the next 12 months, but a start-up firm may want to spend way more to get into the market.
  2. Have a clearly defined target market, that includes everything from geography, to gender, income or revenue and more. Your P.R. activities should focus on reaching your target market. [Your target market should be already defined in your business plan]
  3. Know where your referrals come from.Your P.R. activities should also focus on reaching your referral sources. Always ask a new client how did they find you, and thank the referrer if you know them. Gratitude pays!

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