Selecting A CPA Means Doing Your Homework

My favorite clients are actually the ones who ask a lot of questions, but also respect my knowledge and experience. Many have asked me to refer a CPA to them, but it is hard to do that since each clients has different needs. Some people really want a tax preparer. Some want a financial advisor and some want a budget manager or all of the above. I advise to figure what they need and seek out a CPA who offers a free initial consultation.

The excerpt from the blog below shows how you can do some research before interviewing CPA. NOTE: Do you homework before hiring any service provider.



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So here is how I suggest you select a CPA. Find a few areas of the tax related to your business and read everything you can on it. Look up the topic on the IRS website, read anything you can find about it in the library, browse the local books store tax section and read the pages dedicated to your selected topic. It doesn’t matter if you come to a full understanding of your particular topic, but you need to be familiar with many of the issues and exceptions.

When you sit down with a prospective CPA, give them enough background about your situation and setup and then ask them questions about the topics you’ve researched. Don’t tell them you’ve done extensive research on the topics. You should be able to tell enough from their answers if they will be a good match for you.

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