Mint : Personal Finance Application

While Geezeo and Wesabe have been buzzing around the past few months, another personal finance application has won over the Tech Crunch crowd winning for best presenting company at the Tech Crunch 40.I have yet to check out Mint, but I will and let you know in a full out review.

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Mint is a personal finance application that lets users track and monitor their financials in one place without the need of routine maintenance or accounting knowledge. Their application tracks bank, credit union and credit card transactions and alerts users to upcoming bills, low balances or unusual spending. Mint’s patent-pending technology automatically categorizes transactions, so users know with precision where they are spending money, what their bank and credit balances are, and how much interest they have earned.

Their application also helps people find ways to save money by constantly searching for deals on credit cards, bank accounts, etc. Mint’s technology also analyzes your finances and makes suggestions all while using the same security systems as top banks.

4 thoughts on “Mint : Personal Finance Application

  1. Hi Nichelle, Thanks for checking out Geezeo..we’re definitely in an exciting space right now. Appreciate the coverage over at too.

    I thought you and your readers might be interested to know that we just rolled out the ability to add investments to Geezeo, here’s a screenshot if you want to see what it looks like before trying it out.

    More good stuff to come!

    Pete Glyman
    Co-Founder, Geezeo

  2. Be carefull with Mint and Geezeo. It is no recommanded to give your Bank account Password. After that, they can do what they want with your data and your profile.

    My opinion is to use others software with anynmous access.


  3. Well, Wesabe has the feature where you can upload an exported file from your banking. That’s an option for people who may be worried about.

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