PSFK Conference LA: September 18

In March I volunteered/attended the first PSFK conference in New York and it was one of the most informative, interesting and well-organized conferences that I ever attended. The next PSFK conference is in LA, and the roster of speakers and panelists is stellar.

“PSFK presents a series of presentations and discussions by leading innovators over the course of a day. We have invited some of the most brilliant thinkers who will lead tomorrow’s businesses to speak to an audience from the creative, media communities.

In the morning our speakers and panelists will explore new trends in areas like digital media and eco-consciousness; and in the afternoon the speakers will provide inspiration on how to apply the insights gained from looking at trends and ideas and applying them for new creative ideas.”

Speaker Line Up Thus Far

Rafat Ali (
Shana Nys Dambrot (Flavorpill LA)
Andrew Delaney (Getty Images)
John Doffing (Start Soma)
Roberto Espinosa
Shepard Fairey (Studio Number One)
Conn Fishburn (Yahoo!)
Adam Gayner (Fred Water)
David Merkoski (Frog Design)
Jeff Miller (Thrillist LA)
Mike Monello (Campfire)
Missy (Suicide Girls) – tbc
Kenny Ochoa (Sony BMG)
Jason Oberfest (Los Angeles Times)
Adriana Parcero (Nokia)
Mr George Parker (Madscam)
Tony Pierce (LAist)
Emmanuelle Richard (Vogue)
Aaron Rose
Jean-Marie Shields (Starbucks)
Lenny Stern (SS+K)

You can register here.


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