Balancing Act For Entrepreneurs

This article is part of The Street’s Small Business Soap series that is doing about Treats Truck, which is one of my bookkeeping clients.



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Kim Ima’s Treats Truck has had her working 17-hour days since it kicked off earlier this summer.

“The one thing I would change about my business would be to set aside a couple hours a day for my office,” says Ima.

For a start-up, she says, it’s common for the owner to wear the “worker bee” hat too much and neglect the hat that started the business in the first place: the entrepreneur.

Ima often finds herself baking from early morning and selling through the day.

It’s hard prying herself away from the truck because “to see me actually working in the truck has its appeal
[to customers]
,” says Ima, who enjoys the personal interaction, but realizes the importance of focusing on her company’s operations.

Finding the Balance

Too often Ima feels like she is just playing catch-up while finishing tasks the day before they need to get done.

Before launching the truck, “I used to have a lot of time to make plans
[for the business]
and network,” she says.

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I would suggest that Kim finds a way to delegate more to employees in order to carve out time for more business development.


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