Spending Diary: Friday, June 29, 2007

$9.00@ Laundromat: laundry 10lbs (clothes expense)

$2.25@Bodega: New York Post, bottled water and almonds (media and food expenses)

$30.00@Crossfit: Personal Training (personal/health expense)

$5.69@Nedick’s: hot dogs, fries and drink (meals expense)

$1.00@Happycorp Happy Hour: tipping the bartender (entertainment expense)

$6.00@Freddy’s: vodka drink + tip (entertainment expense)

$8.00@Gino’s: chicken cheesesteak (meals expense)

Summary: $61.94 is OK, considering the $30 for personal training is included. The weekends are harder for saving money since I always out more with friends.


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