Keeping Nickels My Own Damn Self

Physican, Heal Thyself”.  I am very good at giving advice to my clients on how to spend, save or invest their money, but not so good with my own money. My business has been been slow but my expenses are increasing. I need to pay more attention on how I spend and figure how to keep more nickels.  This week I will keep a spending diary and “keep my mind on my money and my money on my mind”.

June 28, 2007

$1.75 @ Bodega :Vitamin Water and New York Post (meals, office expense)

$9.00@ Salon: Eyebrows Waxing (personal beauty expense)

$8.00@Strawberry’s: sunglasses (clothes/accessories expense)

$10.47@S’wich: Chicken Sandwich (meals)

$7.03@ Whole Foods: Sushi (meals)

Summary: I spent 36.25. Not too bad. The sunglasses were necessary since my last pair broke. I could have skipped the sushi, but I was eating with a friend. My goal is to run $20 or less a day, and would have been close if it wasn’t for sushi and sunglasses. Sushi and Sunglasses. Try to say that three times fast!


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