Here’s another Web 2.0 project management and invoicing application on the block, Cashboard. This is excellent for web designers, architects and other professionals who do estimates and bill hourly. There is a free version and an upgraded version with a monthly fee.

According to the site, Cashboard does the following:

  • Create estimates and track your performance.
  • Log time for yourself, your employees and subcontractors.
  • Never forget to send an invoice or collect payment again.
  • Send professional invoices to your clients, along with automatic reminder and thank you emails.

I actually would recommend using this since it integrates with Basecamp. In fact the only problem I have with Cashboard is the name since “cash” connotes that has more to do with cash management, but really the application is more about invoicing and time tracking. Now if a Wesabe-like thing was added on to this, then I would prefer this over the Quickbooks online. Then the only thing lacking would some kind of report writer which could generate profit-loss statements, balance sheets and other reports that Quickbooks can do. So I am hoping that one of these days there will be the perfect Web 2.0 application that can do three essential things:

  1. Do time-tracking and invoicing effortlessly online.
  2. Do cash management (upload of banking and credit card transactions
  3. Do dashboard reporting by creating profit/loss and balance sheet statements, average monthly income and average monthly expenses.

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3 thoughts on “Cashboard

  1. Nichelle,

    It would be good to get your feedback on our app FreeAgent, which we’re launching in September. It’s UK only for the time being, sorry, but we cover the statement uploading, plus a simplified Balance Sheet. We also calculate UK Sales Tax, Income Tax and Corporation Tax liabilities, which obviously goes into serious accounting territory!

    It’s early days yet, and we’re getting lots of feedback (read ‘criticism’!) from our beta testers, but we know the whole money management thing is a big problem for tiny businesses. But unless to take this stuff to it’s logical conclusion (through to submitting and paying your taxes online) someone’s going to have to type data in somewhere. How Web 0.5!

    Canada, Australia, NZ and the US are all in our sights…

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