Less Accounting

There’s another new accounting Web 2.0 application on the block, Less Accounting. I got excited when I read what it is not–Quickbooks, but I just spent about 10 minutes with the beta version and sometimes less is just less.

I understand that the goal is to make accounting simpler, but I can’t really figure out the thing that I think is most important for any and all of the new apps, the ability to import your banking transactions. That is one reason why I like Wesabe. Quickbooks Desktop and the even the troublesome Quickbooks online facilitate that.

One thing I see is that Less Accounting breaks accounting down to the basics–money in and money out.

Plus, on their home page they say something that I tell all my clients, “Quit wasting your valuable time trying to be an accountant.” [That’s my job!]


4 thoughts on “Less Accounting

  1. The way forward in internet accounting is to provide functional accounting systems as a low cost/ high benefit alternative to pc based systems. But there must be a return to the developers of such systems else they will never continue to improve. Hopefully, with support this system may evolve into a better system. I know how hard it is to keep up the effort to get your site right.

    As the developer of the cabenet Legal Trust / General Accounting System writting the code for the site is just the begining. Nice to have found the blog.

  2. The ability to import bank transactions is very important. Who wants to type all that stuff in ? Tedious…
    Even though I’m a CPA I have a basic question I hope you’ll kindly take the time to answer. I just started doing bookkeeping for a tax client (so far my business has been tax prep and non profits). I wanted to download her bank account tranactions onto QB at my home office desktop. I had to ask for her login and password and felt uncomfortable doing that. How do you handle downloading bank information? I obviously need login and passwords. How do you protect yourself if anything goes wrong on the account (ie identy theft). Thnaks for the blog.

  3. You can import from your bank now and we’ll be launching a Quickbooks exporter in the coming weeks, too! If there’s anything else you’d like to see added, we’re collecting feature ideas and knocking ’em out as quickly as possible. Thanks for the review!

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