Minipreneurs, MicroBusinesses and You

If you ever thought to yourself while shopping for products or services, “I could do that”, then you might be a minipreneur. Minipreneurs, according to a very informative trend article on, are active consumers who are making money from their creations.

Here are the drivers of this exciting trend:

  1. Multinationals of one –open-source information available
  2. Being in control of own’s destiny– independence
  3. Entrepreneur is chic –The image of a being a mom and pop owner is replaced with chic moms with bakeries or hipster guys with bike shops.
  4. More experience and less risk–we know what we know because we learn from our jobs
  5. A need for the unusal– the niche is where it is.

So take advantage of low cost to entry, the available of information, and your passion to build your mini-empire.


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